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ajc lists ten fa targets for falcons


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an early falcons market list

by d. orlando ledbetter

the atlanta journal-constitution

published on: 11/25/07

falcons president and general manager rich mckay has made it clear that the team will delve more heavily into free agency in 2008.

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after getting slapped with the franchise tag instead of getting a long-term deal, patriots' cornerback asante samuel is ready to get out of new england.

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" more falcons

some things must happen for them to be a major player, including releasing some veterans like wayne gandy, warrick dunn, joe horn and eventually michael vick. they must also recoup all of the salary/bonus money from vick that's currently in arbitration.

the falcons will have a chance to continue their restoration project on the offensive line and may look to add some secondary help at safety via free agency.

while the nfl players association doesn't release its official list of free agents until after the season, here's the ajc's list of the top 10 potential free agents. in a tribute to kanye west, let's just call them the "wait till i get my money right" crew.

1. randy moss, patriots wide receiver

it wouldn't make much sense to leave the patriots after a record-breaking start. however, the patriots haven't been known to break the bank for free agents. look for owner bob kraft to possibly make an exception this time.

2. asante samuel, patriots cornerback

the former fourth-round pick out of central florida is about to hit the lottery. after getting slapped with the franchise tag instead of getting a long-term deal, samuel is ready to get out of new england. he noticed how san francisco made cornerback nate clements the $80 million man last season.

3. albert haynesworth, titans defensive tackle

he's not only a candidate for the pro bowl, but a candidate to be named all-pro after a so-so start to his career. it's a contract year, and he's playing like it. the danger in giving him a big deal is that he might revert to his former low-key style of play.

4. alan faneca, steelers left guard

the price for offensive lineman got a little steep last season with eric steinbach (cleveland), leonard davis (dallas) and derrick dockery (buffalo) all getting at least $16 million in guaranteed money on $49 million-plus contracts. the falcons may just go after michigan tackle jake long in the draft, since they appear headed for another top-10 pick.

5. bob sanders, colts strong safety

the anchor of the colts defense is expected to sign an extension later this season to stay with the team. there isn't a harder hitter in the league.

6. michael turner, chargers running back

has flourished in a reserve role behind ladainian tomlinson. he's a big power back with speed and can catch the ball coming out of the backfield. would be a featured back on several teams.

7. flozell adams, cowboys left tackle

he's massive at 6 feet 7, 340 pounds and anchors the cowboys line. the three-time pro bowl player is a 10-year veteran and getting long in the tooth at 32.

8. ryan lilja, colts left guard

at 6-2, 290 pounds, he doesn't fit the falcons prototype for bigger offensive linemen. but he's a tenacious run blocker and a big reason why peyton manning's uniform stays so clean.

9. dallas clark, colts tight end

might have to leave like edgerrin james did two seasons ago. the colts have taken care of their key players and may not have enough cash left over to make a competitive offer.

10. lance briggs, bears linebacker

the washington redskins made a play for briggs last season while he was out griping about receiving the franchise tag. with the bears not have a successful season, his price tag might be dropping.

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we're not going to get any money back from vick. we need to cut a bunch of underperforming vets and take the cap hit this year. we need to build through the draft and lay low on the fa market this year to clear out as much dead cap money as possible this year to leave us in a good position to pick up any key pieces we want the year after when we're actually looking to be competitive and make a playoff run.

i beg to differ...not only do we keep his yearly salary for the time his gone but a return of his bonus monies are still in the negotiation so......will see...

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i beg to differ...not only do we keep his yearly salary for the time his gone but a return of his bonus monies are still in the negotiation so......will see...


the list is cool-

we dont deserve moss, he asked to play for us before, and arthur turned him down like a ###### at a time when we were arguably among the top 3 teams in the nfc. that would have been a move that would have gotten us to the super bowl.

asante samuel would be a great pickup if the price was appropriate, he's going to want the house though.

haynesworth has some character issues & thats one thing we cannot afford. end of story.

faneca is a little older but i wouldnt mind giving him a shot

sanders will stay with the colts

turner would be a great pick up but i would rather go stewart or if god loves us dm in the draft.

flozell is too old.

we already have a pro bowl te

briggs= meh

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