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we should be able to trade down and get brohm...


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i know we're definitely gonna have a top 5 pick right...so...trade down!!! brohm's not gonna be rated as high as woodson and leaf on other teams boards (i assume) realistically 3 qbs will be chosen in the first round and i can't see any of them going higher than the 10th pick so this is how i feel we should pursue our options if we trade down to the 10th pick in the draft and gain a late 2nd (maybe a 3rd or 4th too but i'm not the highly optimistic type)

first: if brohm's still there pull the trigger! if we choose him that's gonna be a decision we'll have to live and die with (similar to jamaal "big butt" anderson) due to his pedigree and next level upside, and hoping petrino grooms him for not only the "dink and dunk" but the long ropes too, he could turn out to be another quality qb in this league...it's definitely hard for me to see him being worse than say.......joey...or even rex grossman for that matter. but he's been stolen before that pick we should go with 1) michael oher...2) james laurainitis or 3) kenny phillips

second: the priorites should be 1) guard...2) tackle...3) dt or ilb

this draft's so deep with talent it'll be a hard for mckay to mess it up. if we hire a top notch scout(s) i can't see how we won't be better next year...another thing i want to say is that i keep reading people saying how it'll take 3 years for us to turn our situation around but with the '07 draft a good '08 and the right '09 draft i say 2 years nfc south champs and 3.5 as super bowl contenders..............

i jus' hope mckay doesn't f**k this 1st round up...... dry.gif

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