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the best player you have never heard of


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i was born and bred in ga. i have been around sec football my whole life. when i moved to cincinnati ohio i thought my days of going to good football games was over. my girlfriend and i bought season tickets to uc football just because it is close and they sell beer there unlike most college sports. i have been pleasantly surprised by the level of competition in the big east. almost every team (with the exception of syracuse and pitt) have been in the top 25. the games have been great.

there is one player who has impressed me (and my girlfriend who actually knows a lot about football) more than any other player.

haruki nakamura



university of cincinnati

i have seen a lot of great players in the sec. #13 is as good as the best i have had the pleasure of watching between the hedges. i believe with all of my heart this kid will turn out to be the kind of player troy polamalu is. the reason is that he is good at everything. he is one of those guys who is invlolved in every single play on the field. he is great in coverage, almost never misses a tackle, is great at forcing fumbles, is a big hitter, can rush the passer, can stuff a running back at the line, and seems to step it up another notch when the game is on the line (usually has about 10 tackles in the biggest of games). it has been a joy to watch this kid play. i am only sorry he is a sr. i wish i could watch him for another year.

the only knock i have heard against him is his size. he is 5'10 190lbs, but don't let that fool you. his mother and father were olympic judo coaches. he has an amazing ability to control his body and can use his knowledge of body leverage against much bigger guys. i have seen him make some tackles that look like judo throws. anyone who saw the uc vs. uconn game will remember the tackle where he picked a guy up and spun him around 180 degrees before putting him back down. he just has a sixth sense for where the play is going to be. he is always where the ball is.

here is a video i found of him on youtube. unfortunately it doesn't have the uconn game in it which was a game he absolutely dominated.


i would think we could probably pick him up in round 6 for a steal

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reminds me a lot of polomalu. he might have to be a strong safety tho with his size. very impressive. good find. if he performs well at tha combine, his stock could skyrocket, but that's with just about anybody.

you mean fs? he is kind of small for ss.

i really like him, but he is more of a fs, which is what jimmy williams is. i would still love todraft him though.

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how about what bob sanders does to everyone?

when i watched this video thats who i thought of. if we get a compensary pick in the 7th round this year from griffith i wouldn't mind snagging this guy just to bring him in and let him compete for a roster spot. i doubt crocker is resigned, and jimmy is still developing as a saftey. he could prove to be a steal... but i haven't seen the kid play so i really do not know.

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