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#1 - trade down and pick-up additional picks (depending on how high we are i say swap 1st round picks and maybe a 3rd & 5th

#1 - gosder cherilus - ot - boston college

#2 - john david booty - qb - usc

#3 - ben moffitt - ilb - south florida

#3 - shannon tevaga - g - ucla

you asked smile.gif

what are we going to offer for trade? gatorade and kicking tees?

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#1 jake long ot michigan

#2 free saftey

#2b another ol

#3 dennis dixon (acl tear)

i am not convinced that dixon will make a good nfl qb, but with his injury he draft stock will drop and i would be willing to take a gamble on him. he may fall even farther. i would like to see one of our qbs get more than 2 seconds to throw the ball, and our rbs have a hole to run through.

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1. mcfadden or long, whichever is still available

2. ot or dt

2. dt or c or ot

3. qb chase daniel (mizzou) or qb matt ryan (bc) or qb cullen harper (clemson) or qb colt brennan (hawaii) or qb ben mauk (cinci): one of these guys will be available in the 3rd and i would take any one of them over brohm. the only one better would be harrell. of course, some of these are juniors and would have to declare for the nfl draft. but, these are tons of talented qbs we could take instead of brohm and who would allow us to improve talent at other positions with the first 3-4 picks and also allow us to still upgrade over jh and leftwich at qb. this doesn't even take into consideration any fa possibilities.


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