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mock draft

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lets get it started

round 1: michael oher, i have been boasting this guy since day one. well i thought originally he would be in the second but the way things are going he will be a 1st rounder for sure.

round 2: frank okam, we need another big body seeing that coleman is getting injured more often, and the only other lineman worth mentioning is our rookie, trey lewis.

round 2: johnathon goff, big player, one of the best linebackers in the sec and we all know that brooking only has a couple years left in him.

round 3: mike mcglynn, we need a player who can play almost every position for our o-line.

round 3:( comp pick) josh johnson, was inclined to take dixon but the knee injury looked like something i wouldnt want to risk a high pick on. not calling him injury prone but i think the knee will come back to haunt him.

round 4: jordan grimes, can play a guard and is a huge body

round 5: brandon coutu, yes the kicker we have all been waiting for

rest of the rounds : bpa or for our needs

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yes, but its it a torn acl/knee injury, and it could effect the way he plays(the running part). it would limit his mobility and we need a player who can evade now without any problems

a torn acl isnt a good thing, but its not the end of the world either...

once fully healed, he should lose zero of his speed. can everyone please stop with the assumptions, that an acl

injury means end of career!! the guy is young and will have plenty of time to recover... that is the most important thing

with ligament injuries, giving them the time to heal 100%...

almost all recurring knee injuries are a result of not allowing the original injury the time it needs to heal...

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