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everyone thinks we'll have a top pick but


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as i see it right now were picking 6 (i think) but the rest of our schedual is pretty weak(even if were 2-6) so we could very well end up picking 10-15 probably not that high. then who would we draft cause the mcfaddens,woodsons,longs, brohms and levins are not going to be there? i would hope we didn't trade up maybe down but i could see us drafting brennen in the 2nd if he's there.i really belive we will either draft a dl or ol with our 1st pick. who would you draft at the 12 spot i don't know much about the college guys except from this board but it seems everyone has it set were picking 3 or 4 and i don't see it unfolding like that. we lost 2 many close games. and the rest of the year we should not count as loses yet we could win 4 to 6 games maybe.

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