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i love weiner


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i've been thinking about this for a while, but comments from the horse's mouth have prompted me to solidify the thought. weiner could be the key to retooling our o-line.

weiner can play lt. he has done before. he may do this weekend. he's a very good pass protector - he's taken care of peppers for years - but is perhaps not quite big enough to be the road grader we need at rt. however, he is signed up longterm, and can be a more than capable caretaker at lt for a year or so.

that means that we don't have to put a rookie at the critical position of lt. a rookie is much more likely to succeed as a rookie at rt - see brown, jammal - and another rookie can learn behind weiner.

so, for example:

in the first round, we get the franchise qb we need.

in the second round, we get the two bookends to protect him:

(a) gosder cherilus: he's not had a great year at lt, and has shown that he's really a rt. that will drop him some, and he may well be availalble at the top of the 2nd. we can plug him in at rt, and he'll be there for years to come.

(cool.gif jeff otah: he's huge, so fits the scheme, and appears to have the quick feet to play lt. he's raw, but will have a year or two to learn behind weiner. he could even plug in at rg straightaway, he's got the size.

(these two guys could be replaced by any number of potential 2nd round tackles; depth is the strength at the position this year).

the rest of the draft can be dedicated to the defense and depth.

we sign a solid rb in fa to complement, and get the best rg we can afford in fa to replace forney, who's just not a good fit.

instantly, that o-line looks solid, and within a year or so, could be very good. and we don't have to subject a rookie to getting killed at lt.

ideally, i'd see:

2008: weiner, blalock, mcclure, faneca, cherilus (leftwich at qb)

2009: otah, blalock, datish, faneca, cherilus (brohm at qb)

does that not look a lot better?

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