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most of you guys seem pretty knowledgable when....

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else worry about so many qbs that play in offenses, similar to kentucky's, that line up and let the defense show their alignment. then, the play is called in from the sidelines. i was watching the ohio/akron game last night, yah i know i'm a football freak wink.gif, and akron did this. is it just me or does that say something about the qbs ability to read the d and audible? i'm under the impression that it is evaluated as a negative for draft candidates. i know all teams coaches call the plays for the qb, but some still use a "true" pro-style offense where the qb has an audible for each play called and has the ability/freedom to change the play at the line.

i was trying to think of some of the top teams and whether or not they called in all plays from the sidelines in this manner.... kentucky, oregon, florida...are the three that come to mind right away. others??????

i'm i just crazy or is that something to be concerned with when drafting a qb????

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