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peyton hillis

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can you name this player?

runs a 4.5/40.

weighs 238 pounds.

primarily plays fb in college because he is on the same team as two of the top rbs in the country.

would be the starting tailback on most college teams.

is the best all-around rb on the team.

lines up at both at tailback and fullback.

is a physical runner that can blow holes through the line.

is a dangerous open field runner.

averages 5 yards per carry.

is his teams' best receiver.

has as many receptions as the falcons' top receiver.

averages 12 yards per reception.

plays in the toughest conference in the country.

is known as a team player that will do whatever it takes.

has never fumbled.

is only 21.

if you said petyon hillis, you're right.

this is the guy from arkansas that fits petrino's system. big, physical between the tackles runner. before you say "no way", take a look at this youtube. hillis is #22.


all these runs are of hillis, not the other arkansas rbs.

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this year's brian leonard?

very similar player.

hillis will probably go somewhere on the 2nd day, but he's a guy that could be a huge value, especially to the falcons because of how well he would fit our system. a north-south power back with decent speed that is a tremendous receiving threat.

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i wasnt all too impressed with it, i mean there were a few good plays, but nothing that made me say "woah" except for maybe the 1 handed lefty grab.

compared to backs who's main skill is cutting, zigging, and zagging he isn't that impressive.

if you look at films of guys like brandon jacobs, jerome bettis, or mike alstot he compares well. and that is the point. what we need is a power back that wears down defenses.

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terrell davis, stephen davis, michael pittman, dante hall, rudi johnson, chester taylor, michael turner, marion barber, and brandon jacobs were 2nd day rb picks... i'd say some gems can definitely be found, but there is certainly a lot more than them who didn't make it.

goes for every round, every position almost really... just gotta do great scouting and be lucky enough to have your picks fall the way you'd like.

this being said though, peyton hillis is nothing special. blink.gif

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