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mock draft.......rnds 2-7

Deacon 13

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i'm gonna assume that the falcons take a qb in the 1st. it appears that they will pick some where between #4 and #10. even with another win or two i think they will have a top ten pick. dmc will most likely go in the top 3 as well as j.long ,so lets just say the falcons go with one of the top 3 qbs. not gonna say which one.

from the 2nd to the 7th, they will have to go for big ol, a mlb, a rb, and another big nt. i've been checking out the rankings and i see some guys that are possibles that haven't been mentioned much around here.

ok, here we go.

2a-tony hills/texas...6'6'" 305lbs. probably a little light for petrino, but has real good feet and could be an ot or og.

2b-mike hart/michigan...5'9" 196lbs. yah, i know not a typical "power-back", but a tough, powerful inside runner that never, ever puts the ball on the turf.

3-chris williams/vandy...6'6" 320lbs. could be the 2nd best ot in the draft. big, good feet has the ability to play lt or rt in my opinion.

4a-mike klinkenborg/iowa...6'2" 240lbs. good size, strong, and an absolute tackling machine. may be gone in 3rd.

4b(kerney)-jordan grimes/purdue...6'3 325. huge og just like petrino likes 'em. thats 3 ol for starter and depth.

5-jacob hester/lsu...6'0" 228lbs. here's your hammer. kind of a tweener, built like a fb with the feet of a rb.

6a-angelo craig/cincinatti... 6'5" 245lbs. speed rusher to b/u abe.

6b(rossum)-jeremy ito/rutgers...5'11" 195. yah, we finally got a kicker. big leg and loves the pressure of a game winner.

7a-brian witherspoon/stillman...5'10 180lbs. speed, speed, speed. here's our pr specialist.

7b(griffith)-robbie krutilla/western michigan...6'3" 314lbs. hoping he can b/u datish at c.

not sure if klinkenborg or hester will be around at those picks, but maybe the falcons will get lucky after the horrible off-season they just went through.

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