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alright fellow posters

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i would only want derek anderson if we could still get a stud ot like long or oher (same with brohm and henne).

granted that cle has had a huge improvement in o-line and have 2 good weapons in edwards and winslow, but what anderson has done vs nfl defenses is more impressive than what brohm or henne have done against college defeneses. also keep in mind that louisville and michigan have good o-lines as well. tom brady, marc bulger, and derek anderson were all 6th round picks. it looks like anderson is certainly "panning out" in cle's offense.

would i want anderson for a 1st and a 3rd? **** no!

would i want anderson for one of our 2nds? absolutely!

why would cleveland trade their starting qb for only a second round pick?

please keep in mind, atlanta got 2 seconds and swapped spots in the 1st for their backup, matt schaub.

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i wouldn't mind it if we traded a 2nd rounder for him maybe a little more because his stock is going to keep going up. but i would obviously not give up the top 5 pick we are going to get. i think a reasonable offer would be this years 2nd(texans) and next years 3rd.

having said that i think derek anderson is going to be a better nfl qb than matt shaub. he has a much better arm. he is a little more athletic and is able to avoid the rush a little better. isn't quite the leader and doesn't read defenses as well as shaub but the latter can come with time. i really don't see too many flaws in his game. he still tries to stick the ball in spots where it shouldn't go sometimes, but so does carson palmer and brett favre. i think he trusts his arm a little too much. there also has been talk of him not devoting himself enough to watching film, but i don't know how true that really is. i am going to be paying close attention to the browns remaining games. everyone also needs to remember the browns still have a young and not very good offensive line and no running game.

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i would definitely trade d hall and shockley for anderson and leigh bodden or eric wright.

i doubt they would do that deal tho... anderson is a potential franchise qb and bodden & wright are both good young cbs.

d hall for anderson straight up would work. but no one trades their recent high round picks without knowing exactly what they have.

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