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falcons mock draft

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falcons mock draft

1. rams- jake long, ot, michigan-

2. dolphins- glen dorsey, dt, lsu-

3. jets- darren mcfadden, rb, arkansas-

4. pats (from sf)- chris long, de, virginia-

5. bengals- calais campbell, de, miami-

6. falcons- andre woodson, qb, kentucky-

7. raiders- desean jackson, wr, california-

8. eagles- kenny phillips, s, miami-

9. vikings- matt ryan, qb, boston college-

10. broncos- james lauranaitis, ilb, ohio state-

there is a top 10 picture (the top 6 are official, but i couldn t find anything outside of that.) as far as i can assess it. this situation gives us andre woodson, and with the bears waiting at #12 (i believe) they would snatch up brian brohm in all likelihood. anyways, here goes the falcons mock.

1st- andre woodson, qb, kentucky- i have been reading about woodson, brohm and ryan, and combined with their stats, their performances as of late and my overall opinion of each of them, i think woodson would be our pick here. as ryan s heisman campaign soars, i have started to re-evaluate him. i love his intangibles, but his decision making can be dicey at times. he is a wonderful leader, but his ability to dissect defenses concerns me, or at least it has in recent weeks. brohm is my #2 guy right now, behind woodson (and when i say behind i mean right behind). brohm has wonderful intelligence and looks like a surgeon behind center. the one difference between woodson and brohm, or the biggest one, is their leadership. brohm is quieter, and is not as vocal of a leader. woodson seems to be more vocal and seems more in control, and has better intangibles, second only to ryan in my opinion. because woodson and brohm appear close to identical as far as stats go, i sought a tiebreaker of sorts, and leadership seemed to be it. i want a leader at qb and i think that woodson is that guy for us. in my opinion he has the perfect combination for us: a strong but accurate arm (as evidenced by his career completion percentage of over 60%, although lower than brohm s), good/great intangibles and leadership on the field, but he has also been battle tested in the sec, and managed to knock off #1 lsu in triple overtime earlier this season. for all these reasons, i give him the edge over brohm, and also ryan.

2nd- tony hills, ot, texas- i really like this kid. at 6 6 , 305, some may say he is undersized, but with that frame he could add 10-15 pounds without losing his agility and quickness that makes him such a good lt prospect in the pros. this past weekend he made his 23rd consecutive start, showing his durability that we could sorely use on our offensive line. by adding hills we shore up our lt position, giving us a very promising left side of the line, and reunite hills with justin blalock, his former texas teammate. and our left side could become quite deep. at lt- hills/foster, and lg- blalock/clabo. we haven t had that kind of depth and talent along that side of the line in a long time, but it s about time we add some talent to our offensive line. hills is the man for the job, and the more i read about him the more i like him.

2nd- mike mcglynn, ot, pittsburgh- now, this might be a bit of a controversial selection, taking 2 ot s right in a row. but i think the benefits would be well worth it, as odd as it may look on paper. mcglynn has played in 44 games, and coming into the season he had a consecutive start streak of 31. that is phenomenal, and i assume that his streak has been advanced to 39 or 40, depending on how many games they have played, because i have not read about him suffering an injury. he has good size at 6 5 , 318, but could add 5-10 more pounds if deemed necessary. he would be a wonderful candidate to replace weiner (eventually at least) at rt. he has the experience necessary to be a backup right out of the gates, and the durability he would provide would help provide stability that we very sorely need on the offensive line. by addressing our ot needs this early we are proving petrino and mckay realize that the offensive line needs talent, and this is definitely the way to get it. these 2 guys could be mainstays on our offensive line for years, they have that kind of experience and that kind of talent. did i mention this guys leadership? dave wannstedt has heralded this guys leadership skills for his entire senior season. that is the kind of thing we could use on our team, along with the stability he would provide at rt. we would have such a deep offensive line, and once mcglynn was deemed ready, he could step in for weiner.

3rd- kentwan balmer, dt, unc- he might go in the 2nd round, but we have an early enough pick in the 3rd that his stock, currently hovering around late 2nd and early 3rd, works for this selection. i really like this kid and because of his strength against the run i think drafting him would create an awesome rotation at ut with balmer and babineaux. babs is not as strong against the run as he is the pass, but boy can he rush the passer. balmer doesn t put a lot of heat on the passer, at least not on the tar heels, but he is stout in the middle and allows his teammates the opportunities to make plays. that is what we need at ut, and that is just what balmer can provide.

4th- ben moffit, ilb, south florida- i have become really impressed with this kid. now, because laurinaitis figures to enter the draft, the ilb class gets a little stacked at the top. laurinaitis, dan connor and phillip wheeler could all go in the 1st round, with wheeler possibly falling to the 2nd. that pushes goff, vince hall and leman down the board further, and consequently ben moffit. that is good for us though, because i really like moffit. he is a tackling machine and a wonderful leader. he called a team meeting this past week to try to get the bulls back on track, and when his teammates were asked about it they said they had really taken what he said to heart. now, the team still lost to cincinatti, but the fact of the matter is that kind of leadership is what we need in our middle linebacker. he is the guy who calls plays in the huddle, and the guy that everyone on the defense should look to for leadership, and moffit is the guy that could do it for us. plus, he s an absolute tackling machine and would help make our front 7 the most talented front 7 we have had in years.

4th(compensation for kerney)- matt forte, rb, tulane- this kid just keeps moving up draft boards. he is having an amazing season, on pace for 2,200 yards and 20 touchdowns after only amassing 110 rushing yards and no touchdowns in his most recent game (another loss, his team is 2-7 this year). however, he is just the power running back we need. he is 6 2 , 222 pounds and runs between a 4.45 and 4.6 40 i believe. i have said that i will include this guy in every mock i make, and as his stock continues to rise i have kept my promise. this kid is one of my favorite players in the draft, and i think forte and norwood could be a dominant duo for us. forte would be the thunder and norwood the lightning, and we would finally have our short yardage/goal line back. i thought we might have to take him with our earlier 4th round pick, or maybe even our 3rd, but given the flux of talent that figures to be available in the 1st and 2nd rounds, i think forte could fall here, at least for now.

5th- kory lichensteiger, c, bowling green- i really like this guy. he is strong at the point of attack and at 6 3 , 310 he is already bigger than mcclure. given time, probably one more year, i think he could add 5-10 pounds as necessary and become even stronger. he would compete with datish for the backup c job, and i think he could win it. i might like to keep datish around because he is good depth along the offensive line, but lichensteiger could be a good one. he is the type of c we need for this scheme, a

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forte is a guy i could believe goes as early as the 2nd or as late as the 5th. i really don't have a handle on him at all. the combine and all-star game practices are going to be crucial.

i know! its impossible to figure out where he is right now. i think hes better than some guys "ranked" ahead of him, but id have no qualms about snatching him up later in the draft.

if he runs well at the combine... then wow. with his numbers and good size... he could shoot straight up into the first 2 rounds.

just to throw it in there:

there's nothing wrong with drafting two offensive tackles consecutively. no problems at all.

i didnt think there was either, but it does look a little weird i think. i like the additions though, so it doesnt matter to me. and with a weak og class, getting 2 ots that had good value was a higher priority than getting an og that might not go as high in a deeper draft. value value value!!! thats the name of the game. smile.gif

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after peyton manning torched them a couple of times in a row in the playoffs, denver took three corners in a row in 2005. honestly, i am fine with atlanta doing something like that if it's what we need to do to secure the line. take one on day one and a couple of sliders on day two and create competition across the board.

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wouldnt be upset with andre woodson, anyone but brohm in the first

what's wrong with brohm?

i feel the opposite. i would prefer brohm, but woodson would be ok. as long as it isn't ryan.

what's wrong with ryan?

i'd be happy with any of the three to be honest with you.

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