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bump to pick up alan faneca


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i dont think we have any chance at faneca. he will be in az or on a team on the cusp of becoming a contender. although, he has the brass, and he has made it clear he is looking for that fat contract.

i would out my attentions to jake scott or ryan lilja, whichever the colts cant afford to keep. thye are both much younger than faneca too.

we dont need pro bowlers at every spot, just good players, and big improvements over whats there now.

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- i agree with you on faneca

- i agree with you on long

- however, i disagree about mcclure... mcclure is not a decent starter in this scheme. neither is forney.

my ideal o-line in the next 2-3 years is:

lt: jake long or michael oher

lg: justin blalock

c: datish, 2008 draft pick, or 2009 draft pick

rg: alan faneca (2009 or 2010 draft pick to eventually take over)

rt: foster, 2008 draft pick, or 2009 draft pick

that offensive line would most likely be horrible. we need to use more than two picks on the offensive line in the next two years.

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why would it be horrible? and it is likely using more than 2 picks each year in the next 2 years:

2008 draft:



c ?

2009 draft:


rt ?

c ?

foster and datish as starters? guys that may not even be on the team next year, the low rounder and the undrafted guy that are both on ir? we need to put a lot of picks into the line, six over the next two years would be reasonable. what we don't need is even more questionable starters.

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only if they can beat out the draft picks. notice i said foster or draft pick.

datish and foster have the upside (best case scenerio) to start at c and rt but they haven't proven anything yet.

i would be scared not to add three linemen this year, because i'm not so sure that those two have much upside.

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due to my extreme expertise in football. i will give my perfect fact opinion.

foster did well until he was injured (granted only 1 game) i can live with mcclure under center but if there's a better c than datish available in round 3 or 4 you have to take them because c's usually fall. i say bartkowski's line is pretty decent compared to this years (not saying much but hey) then in 2009 we should be set on the ol.

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