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a don't know what i'm doing mock

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we trade deangelo hall to the giants for their 1st round pick (#26). this fills a big need for the giants, and gives hall the chance to find out how a real coach treats his players.

including a 6th round pick for rossum.

compesatory picks in 4th & 7th for kerney & griffith.

1a. dennis dixon, oregon, qb, height: 6-4. weight: 200. 40 time: 4.76.

the dixonites have convinced me. this guy is rocketing up the boards so quickly we'll have to take him with the #3 pick if we expect to get him at all.

1b. michael oher, ot, ole miss height: 6-5. weight: 325. 40 time: 5.21.

2a. mike jenkins, cb, south florida, height: 6-0. weight: 200. 40 time: 4.43.

bad: got into a fight outside a bar (no charges). good: turned down offers from more prestigeous schools so he could stay at home close to his sick mother. stayed for his senior year.

2b. duke robinson, oklahoma, og, height: 6-5. weight: 330. 40 time: 5.28.

robinson is a junior, so i'm not sure he will come out, but since guards don't usually go higher than late 1st i don't see how he could improve his draft stock by staying in. similar to blalock last year. 1st round talent, but guards drop. with the depth at ot this year, i'm thinking most teams looking for o-line help will go ot early. that means someone like robinson could drop to about the 45th pick, where we could pick up a steal.

3. jonathan hefney, fs, tennessee height: 5-9. weight: 185. 40 time: 4.42.

i've seen several people rate him as the top free-safety in the draft behind phillips. his height and weight will cause him to drop. he is the exact same height and weight as ray buchannan, who played sucuessfully as a safety in the nfl for a number of years.

4a. beau bell, unlv, ilb, height: 6-3. weight: 245. 40 time: 4.73.

4b. titus brown, mississippi state, de, height: 6-3. weight: 250. 40 time: 4.68.

5. dominique rodgers-cromartie, tennessee state, cb, height: 6-2. weight: 182. 40 time: 4.37.

6a. doug legursky, marshall, oc/og, height: 6-2. weight: 325. 40 time: 5.22.

6b. darrell blackman, north carolina state, wr, height: 5-10. weight: 205. 40 time: 4.47.

7a. peyton hillis, arkansas, rb/fb, height: 6-2. weight: 240. 40 time: 4.55.

7b. colton brennan, hawaii, qb, height: 6-3. weight: 196. 40 time: 4.84.

viewed as a system qb, plus he'll be 25 by draft day. both make for a big fall.

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colt will go in the 2nd and dixon might sniff the 4th

i'll take that bet too. colt might go in the 3rd, but that awkward throwing motion is going to turn people off. it's much easier to gain weight (which is dixon's biggest knock), than it is to change your entire throwing motion.

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there is a much better chance we have to use our top first on oher if he declares.

if dixon goes in round 1, i know it wont be top 3. if he does go that high, i just hope it is not to us.

brennan will go in the 2nd likely. he was considered a first round prospect last season by some even. he hasnt hurt his stock this year imo. i think dixon goes late round 2 to round 4. mainly because he is inconsistant and very raw still.

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