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mock draft v.5.0


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time for yet another new mock. i'm almost getting tired of seeing these things already, but it seems like i've developed a passion for the things. anyways, here we go.

-i have us picking up dominique foxworth in free agency to cover our new cb need. he takes the role as the #1 cb until somebody steps up and shows that they can do it better.

-we trade down our 5th overall pick for dallas's 17th and 31st overall picks. they want mcfadden badly, he'll still be on the board after st. louis(jackson/leonard), miami(brown), nyj(leon washington), and san fransisco(gore) pick, and picking soon after us will be chicago. we're openly willing to trade down, and dallas bites. also, since he's been such a niucance with bobby, we trade deangelo hall for to a team that desperately needs him, the houston texans. in return, we get their first and third rounders, both 10th overall. i also have us getting two compensatory picks, a third rounder for kerney and a sixth rounder for griffith.

so, to sum things up, here are our picks:

1st round: 10, 17, 31

2nd round: 5, 10

3rd round: 5, 10, 33

4th round: 5

5th round: 5

6th round: 5, 33

7th round: 5

i love how we have more of houston's picks in the first day than we have of our own. laugh.gif

anyways, off to the draft.

r1p10: atlanta selects michael oher, ot, ole miss

you guys probably think that i'm insane right now for passing on somebody like an andre woodson or matt ryan, but i honestly think that we will be better off with oher, and i'm not convinced that he'll be available at 17, when we pick next. if you look at the teams picking from 11-16, 3 of them are in need of ol help, so it's a very good thing that we are picking one up here, because as deep as this draft is, that's about how many teams are in need of ots. anyways, onto oher. yeah, he's an absolutely perfect nfl left tackle who has the ability to shut down the opposing team's best pass rusher at the same time of being one of those guys that an offense can just key into and run behind. he went to a high school called briarcrest christian school. does that sounds like a school that would produce a thug to you? no. he's got the talent, he's got the character, and he lives with a rich pair of foster parents, so he won't try to break our wallets with his signing bonus. an absolute steal at 10 if you ask me, and will go on to be the best tackle in the nfl since orlando pace. i know it sounds like strong words this early, but i'm extremely confident in this guy. he's even playing for an sec team, so it's not like his competition is questionable either.

nfl comparison: orlando pace

r1p17: atlanta selects dejuan tribble, cb, boston college

what do you get when you mix chris houston's speed with lewis sanders' instincts for short routes? dejuan tribble, that's what. the guy is the best cb in the nation, and will do very well starting at corner. i'd love to see chris houston unseat foxworth as the #1 corner and then see dejuan unseat him as the #2 corner, and then dominique and david irons would be backups/rotate at ncb. then, our cbs, in order, would be 23, 23, 25, and 25. that is insane. tribble has the potential to be able to shut down his half of the field in man-to-man coverage, and to be honest, he's even better playing zone. he understands zone very well, and his incredible burst on the ball when he reads qbs eyes is incredible. he very rarely lets wrs get extra yac, and is a reliable open field tackler, giving him a step up on deangelo hall. the only real knock on him is that he doesn't have that elite timed speed that d'lo did have, but he compensates for it with his quickness and burst.

nfl comparison: ronde barber

r1p31: atlanta selects jonathan stewart, rb, oregon

stewart is the big, feature back that bobby petrino so desperately needs in this system. no, he doesn’t just need somebody that can break tackles, he needs somebody who moves piles. that’s what jonathan stewart brings. not only does he move piles, but as john clayton would say, he is “sneaky fast”. he even returns punts and kicks in college, and while we wouldn’t use our starting back on returns, it just goes to show how fast he is for his size. it’s great. he actually reminds me a lot of larry johnson, in that he improves with every touch he gets. just think about this: in oregon’s one loss so far this season, stewart had 21 carries for 120 yards. in arguably stewart’s best game ever, against washington two weeks ago, stewart had 32 carries for --- i’m not making this up --- 251 yards. he had ~1.5 x the amount of carries, and well over double the yardage. petrino wants to feed the studs? he just got a new empty stomach.

nfl comparison: larry johnson

r2p5: atlanta selects beau bell, mlb, unlv

an absolute force to be reckoned with at middle linebacker. has the prototype size, speed, athleticism and instincts, and is quite physically imposing. he plays with a fire and it seems like when i'm looking at his pros and cons, the "experts" are really reaching for the cons. one of them was that he lacks great change-of-direction ability and lateral quickness, and that he can sometimes get "runaway locomotive" syndrome when he overpursues, but that's a sign of over-aggression, which is exactly what i want in a mlb. i'm pretty sure that if downhill running is the biggest knock against him that i'd want him on my team.

nfl comparison: mike peterson

r2p10: atlanta selects red bryant, dt, texas a&m

we need somebody in the middle to take up blockers. that allows for trey lewis to play at the position that i think he's better in, at under tackle. with a total of 648 pounds in the middle of our defense, nobody is going to be trying to run up the middle on us, and when they do, our new nearly 250 pound middle linebacker can take care of that before they get beyond 3 yards from where they started. our defense is starting to really shape up, and with the brothers j.a. bringing the pressure, our new corners will have a bit of an easier transition. i'm confident that despite the incredible youth that we'll have on defense, that it'll be one of the best in the league.

nfl comparison: not-as-explosive shaun rogers

r3p5: atlanta selects josh johnson, qb, san diego

for some reason, i've really started to like this kid. sure, he plays in div ii-a, but he is just dominant. he is the most efficient passer in the entire draft class, with 9.5 yards per attempt. the next closest was brian brohm with about 8.4. not only is johnson a very efficient passer, but he also has the innate ability to evade the rush and he runs a low 4.7 40. he has a 68.9 completion percentage, and that's one of the stats that is proven to translate well into the nfl. the kid has all of the intangibles, all of the production, and he will have started at least 36 games after this season. i'd say that's pretty good, wouldn't you? he is a project player, but aren't all rookie qbs? we sit him in 2008 and hopefully, he can start in 09, and start ripping secondarys to shreds.

nfl comparison: tony romo

r3p10: atlanta selects john greco, ot, toledo

he started his college career as a right tackle, then played at left tackle every game after that. he is projected at either right tackle or right guard in the nfl, and to be honest, i thi

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oh! im not entirely sold on the idea that the jets pass on darren mcfadden, one of the best rb prospects to come out in years save ap, because they have...

leon washington.

that just does not ring true the more i think about it, and i have been under the assumption in my mocks that we would not have mcfadden on the board because he was drafted by the jets.

jmo. the rest of it is awesome.

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i want either brohm or woodson.

since when do d-ii qb's rounn out?

and romo is the exception to the rule.

that is the thing about the nfl, there is an exception to every rule.... since when do 6th round qbs win sbs? for every ron dayne there is a willie parker.

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we will take a qb out of this class. probably brohm or ryan.

no where, not even in subtext, did i imply that we would not be taking a qb in this upcoming draft class. i believe that we will, but there is just as good a chance that we will not.

i stand by what i said, this class is deep, not necessarily strong.

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the way stewart is playing this year i think he is going in the top 20, so i think youd have to snatch him up with the #17 pick.

overall, it is a very good mock. nice job wta.

have to agree with the fact that stewart is a top 20 pick now.

good mock. great pick ups for the o-line with oher, luigs, and greco. we desperately need someone else to step in and play center. i'm tired of watching mcclure getting blown up. stewart and norwood would have some nice holes to run through with this newly improved o-line.

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oh! im not entirely sold on the idea that the jets pass on darren mcfadden, one of the best rb prospects to come out in years save ap, because they have...

leon washington.

that just does not ring true the more i think about it, and i have been under the assumption in my mocks that we would not have mcfadden on the board because he was drafted by the jets.

jmo. the rest of it is awesome.

i'm not entirely sold on them taking mcfadden, their run game has been solid this year as it is. they need a de in the worst way that fits their scheme (long). i also don't think that they end up with a better pick than us so that throws it out the window wink.gif

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