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yet another tbb mock

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i won't bore you with details about players most of the draft-ites have already researched, but

i will explain a bit of my reasoning and also some information on a couple of sleepers.

extra 2nd is for the schaub trade, extra 4th is comp pick for kerney, and extra 7th is for

the rossum trade.

woodson had an poor game against mississippi state, following two grueling games against lsu and florida,

but i'll stick with him.

have seen richardson listed from late round #1 to round #5. if he is there in the very early 4th, we get him in

a split second.

couple of raw sleepers in the 7th. brian witherspoon and richard clebert.

witherspoon may be the fastest player in the draft (4.2 forty) and clebert may be the strongest (540 bench 225lb-43 reps).

here were my objectives:

1) improve the offensive line.

2) draft a quarterback for the future.

3) get younger at the running back position.

4) draft a good middle linebacker.

5) finally draft that elusive young kicker with an accurate 50-60 foot leg.

round #1 andre' woodson kentucky quarterback

round #2a michael oher ole miss offensive line

round #2b chris williams vanderbilt offensive line

round #3 jonathan goff vanderbilt middle linebacker

round #4a barry richardson clemson offensive line

round #4b dantrell savage oklahoma st. #2 runningback

round #5 jacob hester lsu #2 fullback/#3 runningback

round #6 best kicker available

round #7a brian witherspoon stillman kick returner

round #7b richard clebert south florida defensive tackle

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there is no way if oher comes out for the draft that he makes it past the first half of the first round. no way.

actually, there's a possibility of oher dropping to us in the second round. it all depends on how many other offensive tackles declare for the draft, but even oher alone is questionable on that topic.

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there is no way if oher comes out for the draft that he makes it past the first half of the first round. no way.

welcome to atlanta, i wouldn't say "no way". many people would have said

justin blalock wouldn't last until the 2nd round, nor jimmy williams or chris houston.

beyond the falcons last year, there was alan branch, dwayne jarrett, and sidney rice.

i thought it was a big reach and a surprise that joe staley went that high in the 1st round,

and i was also very surprised that josh beekman and charles johnson went as late as they

did. many thought jared gaither was a 1st round quality talent, but went in the 5th round of

the supplemental draft.

anyway, thanks for the comments.

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