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mock draft

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trade back from pick 4 with dallas for pick 13, and pick 31. or if this isnt possible, id take a second this year, and a second next year. but for this we have picks 13 and 31

1st (13) - brian brohm qb

1st (31) - tony hills ot

2nd (3) - frank okam dt

2nd (48) - tashard choice rb

3rd (3) - josh barrett ss

4th (3) - eric young og

5th (3) - best kicker available

6th whatever not sure on players that could be here pick your own??

7th ???

so what do u guys think, please comment and let me know if u would change anything or if u think the players wont be where i picked them

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i think we could probably get hills in the 2nd round since ot is deep in this draft, but still to early to tell...

if thats the case, we may have a shot a stewart in the late first, so you could pick another player to fill in the spot

for choice... maybe another ot(richardson/williams etc), or an mlb(brinkley etc)...

maybe even throw a cb in there in case deangelo packs his bags... jenkins/tribble etc...

it may turn out that hills is a late 1st ot, if thats the case it is a very solid mock imo

the only thing i would like is an mlb, but we may have to spend next year with brooking or taylor back there,

and draft one as a priority in 2009... there are some good prospects to come out in 2009, and the one i like is

rey maualuga(he may declare this year tho)...

i like that you have a safety in your mock, it as still a pretty big need imo. i like craig steltz from lsu... he should be

around the 3rd round mark too... if we dont draft an s, i hope we go after a short term fix in free agency atleast...

youngs a good pick too... the quicker someone takes forneys job the better.

good job dude wink.gif

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2nd is a little high for choice. we could probably get him in the 3rd if not later, and it all depends on the severity of his most recent injury. he isn't a flashy back like dmc, but he gets the job done and i would definately like to see him on the team, but 2nd is a little too early.

i would actually prefer phillip wheeler or xavier adibi in that spot, since both are quick and can play either olb or mlb. they might be undersized a bit, but look at what zach thomas did in miami in years past. tony taylor isn't the future but he deserves a shot i guess. we should definately draft a mlb this year regardless.

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