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mock w/trade down


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trade down to 10-15 range and get extra 2nd.

1 - matt ryan / qb

2a - alex boone / ot (falcons pick)

2b - tony hills / ot (from trade down)

2c - frank okam / dt (from texans)

3 - jasper brinkley / mlb

4a - rb

4b - og (kerney comp. pick)

5 - brandon coutu / k

6a - cb

6b - s (from steelers)

7 - wr

*we would get our qb of the future in ryan.

*our ots will bet set in boone & hills - both can play lt so we put the best one at lt and the other at rt.

*we would get another dt because g. jackson and coleman are both old.

*brinkley would come in and replace brooking at mlb who would then move outside. boley, brinkley, brooking rolleyes.gif.

*we would get a powerback to compliment norwood.

*a guard to either replace forney or depth at the least.

*solve the kicking problem with coutu.

*then get depth at cb, s, and wr.

depth chart


qb: leftwich/ryan/harrington

rb: norwood/drafted rb/snelling

fb: mughelli

wr: white/horn/jennings

ot: boone/foster

og: blalock/clabo

c: mcclure/ datish

og: forney/ drafted player

ot: hills/weiner

wr: jenkins/robinson/drafted wr

te: crumpler/blakely/milner


de: abraham/

ut: coleman/babineaux

nt: lewis/okam

de: anderson

olb: boley/

mlb: brinkley/taylor

olb: brooking/nicholas

cb: hall/irons

ss: milloy/stone

fs: williams/crocker/drafted s

cb: houston/sanders/drafted cb

depth seems kinda shaky at some spots for d, but this is just the first year. we could still sign some free agents to fill holes.


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i like the matt ryan pick, i have a mock like this that fell to page 2 where we moved down to #10 where cincy is right now and drafted him.

i think tony hills will go closer to the beg of the 2nd than the middle, id definately have him as the first 2nd rounder.

i like the okam and brinkley picks, but do you think that brinkley will fall to the 3rd? i think he would if he couldnt participate fully in the combine, but if he can then i think his stock will be back in the 2nd and wed get him there.

if you want a rb in the 4th, try matt forte, rb, tulane. he leads the nation in rushing yards and is on pace for almost 2,200 rushing yards and 22 touchdowns last time i checked. that is beastly. hes 6'1", 220 lbs and has a 6.7 ypc average this year. i had him in my mock earlier in the year, weeks ago, in the 6th round, but he has shot up with his astounding play. i really hope we get him. he might rise to the 3rd by the time the combine comes around, if not higher!

overall, like the mock. check out forte though, i really like that kid.

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thanks for the feedback..yeah im not to sure about the later rounds yet, havent looked at them very well. but thannks for the comment!

no problem man, im lookin forward to your next one. wink.gif

sometimes the later rounds can be more fun than the earlier ones, meaning that you can try and find diamonds in the rough, and find good players youd like to see us draft. and sometimes they shoot up the draft boards and get drafted in the first 3-4 rounds and you feel good that you found em. haha. so id encourage you to look at that more, it can be really fun. its one of my favorite parts. tongue.gif

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