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most realistic mock offseason


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this mock is very do-able and it would improve our team a lot.

unrestricted free agents signed:

rt: max starks

rb: michael turner

k: josh brown

unrestricted free agents re-signed:

te: dwayne blakley - long contract extension

og: tyson clabo - short contract extension

restricted free agents re-signed:

lb: michael boley - long contract extension

de: chauncey davis - short contract extension

players cut and/or let walk:

rb: warrick dunn

cb: lewis sanders

qb: joey harrington

fs: chris crocker

lb: demorrio williams

ss: omare lowe

lt: wayne gandy

2008 draft

rd 1: qb - a. woodson, b. brohm, or m. ryan

rd 2: ot - b. richardson, or g. cherilus (if he falls)

rd 2: cb - dwight lowery - hall is an ufa after 2008 because he has voided 2009 and said he wants to test fa after his contract is up, lowery will have a year to learn from d hall, then take over at lcb.

rd 3: mlb - jasper brinkley

rd 4: fs - tierre green - extremely fast ballhawk, who is durable and plays hard against the run.

rd 4 (comp): nt - b.j.raji - big bodied nt, will spell grady so they can stay fresh through a whole game.

rd 5: k - brandon coutu - if we don't go after josh brown.

rd 6: wr - keith brown - tall, fast, great hands with incredible catching ability.

rd 6 (comp): oc- marcus coleman - strong, durable center, who can pass protect and is a pile pusher.

rd 7: og - christopher mcduffie - starter qualirty back-up for forney, and will take over when forney is done.

qb - rd 1 pick, leftwich, shockley

rb - turner, norwood, pinner-or-snelling

fb - mughelli, mcintyre

wr - horn, jenkins, brown

lt - richardson, foster

lg - blaylock, clabo

oc - mcclure, coleman

rg - forney, mcduffie

rt - starks, weiner

te - crumpler, blakley, milner

wr - white, robinson, jennings

le - anderson, davis

dt - grady, raji, lewis

dt - coleman, babineaux, lewis

re - abraham, mallard

olb - boley, wilkins

mlb - brinkley, taylor

olb - brooking, nicholas

fs - williams, green

ss - milloy, stone, harris

lcb - hall, lowery

rcb - houston, irons

p - keonen

k - brown or coutu

ls - schneck

let me know what you think. i think it's a great foundation for next and future seasons.

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my ony concern is that all the ots you listed (while i like them) likely translate to nfl rts. cherilous has the best potential to be a lt of the group. i would look for a guy like tony hills if we want someone who will translate well to the lt spot.

that is just my concern though. overall, works in general though. if your gonna ask what i would do, i did a write up this morning, but it fell to page 2 before the crowd came in.

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