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list of available fa's after this season?


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does anyone have a list of the available fa's after this season, restricted or otherwise? i'm mostly wondering about offensive linemen, but other positions would be interesting as well

i'm tired of all this debate about qbs we should draft

i'd rather us pick up some raw offensive linemen from college than to rebuild from the offensive linemen that are available in the free agent wires. i can see us picking up one offensive linemen, but not signed to a long-term deal and have a rookie step in once that free agent's contract is done.

here's the list: http://www.footballsfuture.com/2008/nfl/freeagentsol.html

scratch what i said, i wouldn't mind someone on that list... the only one i'd want from this list is starks, who we can actually sign to a long-term deal now that i think about it.

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