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could boley move to mlb?


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boley is proving that he is easily our most athletic lb, and probably our best lb overall. he has a rare combination of speed and power. could he make the move to mlb? i have been reading about how dj williams just made that exact move in denver, and michael boley could easily handle this, imo.

how do you guys feel? without a true stud mlb in this years draft (like patrick willis was last year), could we find another stud late-round lb and move boley to mlb? or would this be creating more problems than it would solve?

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wouldnt boley be a bit undersized at mlb? just saying.

and why move a deserving pro bowl slb to mlb? i like him where he is and the impact that he has.

yah, i don't think boley has the bulk to play mlb, he utilizes speed more so than power to make plays. that is part of brookings problem, playing out of position.

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