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offseason - free agency & draft '08


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warrick dunn - isn't getting any younger, will be 33 by the end of the 2007 regular season.

todd weiner - also getting up there in age and will be replaced in fa.

wayne gandy - if age wasn't his only problem the torn acl doesn't help him out any. could retire....

keith brooking - on the downside of his career and we will need to clear cap room.

fa pickups -

max starks, 6'8 337lbs - big mauler, will step in and be the starter from day one.

michael turner, 5'10 237lbs - could be our everydown back. would leave norwood to kr duties and could also come in the 4th quarter and run on a tired and worn down d.

draft -

round 1: brian brohm, 6'4 227lbs 4.74 40yd, qb, louisville

round 2 (a): barry richardson, 6'7 320lbs 5.48 40yd, lt, clemson

round 2 (b ): frank okam, 6'5, 320lbs 5.00 40yd, nt, texas

round 3 (a): jasper brinkley, 6'2 257lbs 4.58 40yd, mlb, south carolina

round 3 (b ): caleb campbell, 6'2 223lbs 4.47yd, ss, army

round 4: andrew bain, 6'3 330lbs 5.22 40yd, rg, miami

round 5: brandon coutu, k, georgia

round 6: patrick carter, 6'3 200lbs 4.32 40yd, kr, louisville

round 7: scorpio babers, 5'11 190lbs 4.32 40yd, cb, sam houston state

depth chart -

wr-x: roddy white, adam jennings

lt: barry richardson, renardo foster

lg: justin blalock, tyson clabo

c: todd mcclure, doug datish

rg: kynan forney, andrew bain

rt: max starks, quinn ojinnaka

te: alge crumpler, dwayne blakley

wr-z: laurent robinson, michael jenkins, joe horn

qb: brian brohm, joey harrington

rb: michael turner, jerious norwood, jason snelling

fb: ovie mughelli, corey mcintyre

lde: jamaal anderson, chauncey davis

nt: frank okam, grady jackson, trey lewis

ut: rod coleman, jonathan babineaux

rde: john abraham, fa

slb: michael boley, marcus wilkins

mlb: jasper brinkley, tony taylor

wlb: demorrio williams, stephen nicholas

lcb: deangelo hall, david irons

rcb: chris houston, lewis sanders, scorpio babers

ss: daren stone, caleb campbell

fs: jimmy williams, chris crocker

k: brandon coutu

p: michael koenen

kr: patrick carter, jerious norwood

pr: patrick carter, adam jennings

let me know what you guys & gals think......

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no way should we cut weiner and brooking, those are 2 dumb moves and 2 moves that wont happen. weiner is decent at least and thats more than we can say about mcclure and maybe forney in this new scheme, so why would we release him? i dont like him much either and he is definately upgradeable, but we shouldnt make more holes on this team than there already are.

and i dont think we will sign michael turner. someone will overpay for him and be dissapointed that he isnt as good as he looks as the backup to the best rb in the nfl. go figure.

starks could work, i wouldnt have much of a problem with him. if we did sign him to play lt or rt, we could use the ot we draft this year to be weiners eventual replacement, and starks could step in at lt right away. thats just an idea i had. but it would fill a big hole for us, well see if we can get him.

im not a fan of brohm in the 1st and i would much prefer dorsey or long. but if we arent in the top 4 picks i doubt we will get those 2 or mcfadden, so we will have to look elsewhere. hes an option, but not my favorite option. i like the way matt ryan plays much better, and he has shown me a lot in the games he has played and won this year, a lot that i like. another option is jonathan stewart, the rb from the oregon ducks. ryan we might move down to 10-15 range to get and stewart is probably top 20-25 id say. but also in that same range gosder cherilus and ryan clady become options, along with laurinaitis if we wanted a lb. however, my favorites in the middle of the 1st would be ryan and stewart, and if we moved down and got one or both of them i would be very excited. but i like that idea better than taking brohm in the 1st, and ol is always an option in the 1st for us, especially this year.

i like richardson in round 2, good value and that is the name of the game, he would probably go in the 1st (probably, he would!) in a thinner ot class, so i like this pick a lot.

okam would be nice, hes a beast and could fill in well at nt, however we like what we have in trey lewis, but who knows we could always use the depth. but lewis might play some ut, you never know. and hes a good value here anyways, so good pick.

love the brinkley pick, wed be lucky to get him, especially since from what ive heard hes expected to make a full recovery. he was a very special player before the injury and this is an instance where he will probably be a special player after it also.

i assume this pick is from kerney as a comp pick, but i dont think well get one that high. id say 4th is much more realistic for that.

i dont know much about this guy, so i wont comment on him much. i do know that i like shannon tevaga here or around this area, and id be happy with him here also.

i dont have any problem with coutu, i like the kid and would help upgrade our kicking situation for sure.

i dont know the 6th round guy, so i wont comment on him. 7th rounder isnt bad though, its really hard to predict those at this point though.

overall, pretty good mock. i just felt like talking about it a lot so... there ya go! haha wink.gif

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don't like this a bit

#1 we are not wasting our first rd pick on brian brohm... period

cutting weiner or brooking would be dumb, both are still relevant to this off/def

i like the michael turner pickup but only if mcfadden is not available, yest ap showed us what mcfadden could do in the league.

i dont agree with using norwood on only kr/pr etc.. i would use a dual back setup but moving norwood around ala reggie bush

at the qb position i would look on the fa market in the offseason, we will have some $.

i would then draft dennis dixon in the 2-3, he has the 4th best qb rating in the nation right now.

incredibly accurate & runs a low 4.4 in the spread offense at oregon.

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