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super early mock

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the descriptions are copied from a web site, they aren't mine. my comments are in blue.

1. qb brian brohm, louisville

height: 6-4. weight: 226.

40 time: 4.74.

projected round: top 5 pick.

could brian brohm be playing for his former coach, bobby petrino, in 2008? with michael vick in court and joey harrington on the field, the falcons could have an inside track on a top-five pick.

top-three prospect as of late april. has thrown 35 tds to just 10 ints the past two seasons. never completed less than 63 percent of his passes while at louisville.

i'm seeing qb, ot, or dt at this spot. i heard a long analysis of brohm by bill curry (who i respect very much for his football knowledge). he has been watching brohm since he was in high school, and said that brohm had all they physical skills and ability you look for in a qb. he spent more time though, talking about brohm possesing all the intangibles you look for in a qb. if brohm falls into our lap come draft day (and it looks like he could) i think it will be hard for us to pass on him. i know there are other positions we need, but the old rule that you never pass on a franchise qb comes into play here.

2a: ot barry richardson, clemson

height: 6-7. weight: 320.

40 time: 5.48.

projected round: 1-2.

a monstrous offensive tackle who has started 32 consecutive games.

this draft is starting to look very deep at ot. we may have lucked out this year. it looks like there will be several ots available to us in the 2nd round that normally would go in the 1st.

2b: dt dre moore, maryland

height: 6-4. weight: 298.

40 time: 4.82.

projected round: top 20 pick.

dre moore played out of his mind against west virginia. steve slaton simply couldn't run in moore's direction, as the senior defensive tackle was in the mountaineers' backfield the majority of the plays. he really improved his draft stock.

that 4.82 is not a misprint. moore, who excels at stopping the run and getting to the quarterback, is a workout warrior. he'll bench 225 pounds at least 30 times. he has also notched a 34-inch vertical in the past. an expected, excellent combine may get moore into the first round.

we may have to move this pick up a little, but i think there are several good dts that could fall in this range.

3. rb jonathan stewart*, oregon

height: 5-11. weight: 230.

40 time: 4.49.

projected round: 1.

jonathan stewart carried the ball just 15 times at michigan, but he gained 113 yards and a touchdown in the process. his jerome bettis style of running could entice the steelers or falcons to draft him early.

currently the best big back projected to go in the 2008 draft. rushed for 981 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2006. stewart became a bigger threat in the passing game last year, increasing his receptions from seven to 20.

stewart really fits what petrino is trying to do more than other rbs in the draft. if you look at what the titans are doing with lendale white then you'll have a better idea of where petrino wants to go with the running game. steware & norwood would give us a good 1-2 combo.

3b (if we get kerney compensation) k brandon coutu, georgia

height: 6-0. weight: 200.

projected round: 3-4.

missed seven games in 2006 because of a hamstring injury. was 10-of-11 overall, and 2-of-3 from beyond 50 yards. in 2005, brandon coutu hit 23-of-29, nailing 3-of-5 from 50-plus.

how games can we continue to lose because we haven't invested in a place kicker. i know mckay hates to draft kickers, but i'm hoping he bites the bullett and does it so we'll be set.

4. ben moffitt, south florida

height: 6-2. weight: 235.

40 time: 4.68.

projected round: 3-4.

ben moffitt returned an interception for a touchdown in south florida's upset victory over west virginia. moffitt seemed to be in the right place at the right time on every single play.

led south florida with 112 tackles in 2006.

brooking probably needs to go back to olb, so that makes ilb a position we need to look at early.

5. og roy schuening, oregon state

height: 6-4. weight: 317.

40 time: 5.25.

projected round: 3.

should be able to pave the way for another big year for yvenson bernard.

guards always drop in the draft. schuening is rated higher than this, so we should get good value at this pick. i wouldn't be surprised to see several quality guards that fit petrino's scheme available here.

after this it is anybody's guess.

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i highly doubt we will get a 3rd as compensation for kerney...

i agree with the other guy on jonathon stewart. he will go late first at the latest imo

i dont think we will be picking a k with the 3rd pick either, if you swapped schuening/moffit with the k it would be

more viable...

with a bit of tweaking though, its a pretty good mock over all.

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i am still not convinced that we need to draft a qb in the first round. i could be wrong, so i'll accept your decision to take a qb. if that is the case, then we may want to go with ryan instead.

richardson is a big man with decent footwork. he is a rt in the nfl. i think that we have a viable rt of the future in r foster. he will be exposed on monday night because he will be playing lt. i would prefer to take tony hills (ot, texas) in the second round. he is a far better pass blocker, even if he is less of a run blocker.

moore is interesting. his performance has been inconsistent, but he bears watching.

stewart in the third is a pipe dream. the guy plays out west but gets a lot of attention. he is more likely a first rounder that could fall into the second, under the right conditions. i posted a lot about him at the beginning of the season and it seems that most fans have picked up on him. unfortunately, we may not be able to draft him.

ben moffitt is also a guy getting a lot of attention. the rise of south florida to #2 doesn't help us. he is the heart of his defense and will continue to rise with the success of the team. a future lb corp of: boley, moffitt and nicholas looks good to me.

overall, a good mock. we are very early in the season, but it is good to identify the players to watch during the college season.

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