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who will tackle pats?


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who will tackle pats?

jerry greene | from the cheap seats

november 19, 2007

my guess is that logan international airport at boston is planning on hiring extra personnel for before and after the feb. 3 super bowl in phoenix. after all, doesn't all of nfl nation believe that new england's appearance is preordained?

at this point, i'd like to mimic lee corso and deliver a "not so fast my friends," but that's hard to do looking at the rest of the afc. that's especially true after the way indianapolis and pittsburgh played sunday. the patriots don't need to have a perfect regular season to likely have a lock on playing at home in the super bowl qualifying rounds.

however, as for dallas on the inferior nfc side, the large and vocal cheesehead nation can make a case that the nfc champion may have to win the conference title on the frozen tundra of lambeau field.

let's review, starting with the disappointing colts and steelers, then the powerful packers and freakish cowboys:

* indianapolis 13, kansas city 10 -- and this was in front of a horrified indy crowd. everyone knows about the colts (8-2) numerous key injuries being a part of last two losses. but this was against the chiefs at home. it was supposed to be the make-it-better scrimmage for qb peyton manning and k adam vinatieri. instead, this was the first game in which manning did not throw a td pass since week 14 last year. as for vinatieri, he missed his first two fg attempts sunday, giving him four straight bad kicks. but he did get his last two, including the winner on the game's last play after manning took a knee twice from the chiefs' 2. right now, the patriots would run up the score on the colts.

* e.r. jets 19, pittsburgh 16 (ot) -- in a sense, the final score didn't matter. if you can't prevent the east rutherford jets (2-8) from carrying you into ot, you do not look like dependable super bowl material. but when you lose, too, you really look like just more patriot cannon fodder.

* green bay 31, carolina 17 -- the score is misleading as the packers (9-1) never were in trouble. brett favre bested vinny testaverde in the nfl senior bowl and green bay now looks ahead two thursdays to a showdown with the dallas cowboys at their ok corral. the winner becomes the nfc's clear-cut favorite to get smashed by the pats.

* dallas 28, washington 23 -- tony romo to terrell owens for four tds and a total of 173 yards on eight catches. incredible. a circus. but if you are a member of america's team, are you confident that you can ride that to the super bowl in the winter?

boink! boink! bingo!

un-bleeping-believable. there was cleveland kicker phil dawson trying a 51-yard field goal on the game's final play [of regulation] and losing at baltimore 30-27. his kick hits the left upright [boink!], appears to hit the crossbar [boink!] and clearly falls in front of the crossbar, ruled "no good." but wait! officials huddle and probably sneak a look at a replay even though the nfl rulebook says field goals are not reviewable. then they correctly say the ball's second "boink" was on the stanchion behind the crossbar, so it was good. tie and ot.

and minutes later dawson was back out there for a 33-yard field goal to win the game 33-30. remember, this is the same dawson who was just short on a 52-yard attempt last week that would have forced an ot in pittsburgh.

if i sold blood pressure medicine, dawson would be my spokesman.

hello & welcome back

* minnesota rb chester taylor: shoved to the bench and background by rookie sensation adrian peterson, taylor didn't wait long when peterson's knee injury gave him another chance. peterson scored on the vikings' second play from 10 yards out, scored twice more from 38 and six yards out, rushed 22 times for 164 and caught three passes for another 38 (202 total). so isn't it about time to be hailing the vikings offensive line as the true heroes?

* houston wr andre johnson: out with a bum knee since week 2, johnson displayed little rust when his first catch was a 73-yard td. he finished with six grabs for 120 yards to the delight of his fantasy owners and texans everywhere.

* uh, oakland qb daunte culpepper: we throw in the hesitation because culpepper's first two points went to his old team, the vikings, when he created a safety with intentional grounding in his end zone. culpepper did have a 10-yard touchdown pass and threw for 344 yards but was sacked four times, fumbled twice and was picked off once. oh, and he lost.

some sunday snapshots

* question: why can't a coach challenge when officials miss a facemask? daunte culpepper was pulled down by his mask but it wasn't called. replays showed it was obvious.

* oopsies: carolina got clever when it attempted a pooch punt out of field-goal formation only to watch green bay's tramon williams take it 94 yards for a score with what seemed like his entire team blocking for him.

* wonder how they feel in atlanta after interim coach bobby petrino stuck with qb byron leftwich long enough to make sure the falcons had no chance of catching the bucs. joey harrington played well once he got the call.

* breaking news! cleveland coach romeo crennel challenged a lost fumble and won. he's 3-for-22 lifetime on challenges.

* arizona's kurt "black knight" warner threw a 22-yard pass while playing with that left arm that is in the armored-looking cast.

* fantasy frustration: philadelphia's brian westbrook did start after much doubt and totaled 148 yards. but his backup, correll buckhalter, and somebody named jason avant scored the eagles' two tds.

monday night matchup

tennessee (6-3)

at denver (4-5)

* poor espn: this isn't quite as stinky as last week, but still makes you gag if you have some pre-thanksgiving test pie. more puzzling? this is tennessee's second mnf appearance and denver's second of three. next monday is miami at pittsburgh. if you loved the night of the living dead movies filmed outside pittsburgh, you'll love this.

* just young or lousy? titans qb vince young says of his woes: "i don't know what it is. i can't get my hands around it." here's an idea, vince -- get your hands around the ball. you've fumbled five times and thrown 10 picks. that passer rating of 62.2 might be a factor, too, but i'm just guessing. four tds throwing and two rushing for a qb are strange ways to win six of nine games.

* broncos' young, too: denver counters with undrafted rookie rb selvin young, who ran for 109 yards and a td on 20 carries last week. regular starter travis henry continues to dodge a league suspension for failing (allegedly) a drug test, so titans should prepare to see both.

* titans have a henry: did these teams get a deal on jersey names? chris henry backs up rb lendale white for tennesee. they face the denver rush defense that was awful until shutting down will-be hofer priest holmes last week.

* spread: broncos by 2.

* jerry says: broncos by 4.

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steelers will, colts woulda done it if refs didnt mess that up

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dry.gif

what about the crowd noise being pumped into the statium? any excuse will do i guess. i don't know what call you speak of, but the patriots got more penalties tha the colts.

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billichek better chew that defense out. six dbs out and still can't defend. they shut moss down, and the pats didn't expect it. they are way too soft in the middle.

and that was a huge bs call on moss for offensive pass interference. it's pretty bad when madden even says he didn't agree with it.

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