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schaub=great white hype

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yeah, schaub was the qb who was going to prove that white guys can play qb!


you know what ........ i want a good quarterback ....... i don't care what color he is. just let him be good ......... and wear the red and black. and if you need to know ..... i am black.

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dude ,you said the white rb's aren't as athletic as black rb's.

that racial stereotyping is what kept the "dumb" black kid from becoming a qb in the nfl.

athletics and intelligence have nothing to do with race.socio-economic issues might come in to play ;but not race.

ain't that right jimmy the greek ?

you know, if the falcons locker room has the same mentality as some of these board post, they will never field a decent team. they'll be too busy argueing race. nothing ever changes ..... does it? it seems that as our iq's supposedly go up ....... our common sense .............. goes down ...... down ...... down ..... down!

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it just depends on the players, you got white players like eric crouch and matt jones that switched from qb to another position.

and crouch won a heisman.

true, what i was thinking. i can't stand close minded people, it is the nfl. the nfl scouts are going to tell players where they think they will fit in. warren moon is one of the best and some people gave him bad advice. he was one of the largest qb's i have ever seen int he nfl and especial of his era and that is why they thought he should play te...not because he was black....if one scout was raciest and said it is because you are black then that scout was a racist a-hole..not all the scouts where racist a-holes, the law of probability says not likley.

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