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patriots=no joke


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best team of the past 20 years...they're running game sucks but who cares, great o-line, great qb, great coaches, great wrs....if everything turns wrong, then i bet maroney can put 100 yrds easy!

they still get some production out of their running game, and can run aight at the goal line when they actually have a goal-to-go situation, which is rare.

its kinda obvious right now though that sammy morris was > lawrence maroney but that is mute now that sammy is the hurt one, although maroney is very injury prone.

both are of course going to be >>> than eckel/faulk/evans

2 are fb's, and faulk has been a third down guy his whole nfl career....its funny about him because marshall faulk always jided on kevin because he was the "lesser" of the 2 cousins in the nfl....but kevin has got more rings that matter, and may collect another this season.

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new england has a great running game. so i don't know what games you guys have been watching, but it sure wasn't any of the games earlier this season when they had their rb's.

their weakness is run defense. but nobody can possibly take advantage of that because they're down by 21 points already. when seymour returns that weakness will disappear.

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