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this was richt� s best coaching job ever... mr. college football.


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this was richt s best coaching job ever

by tony barnhart | monday, november 26, 2007, 09:02 am

the atlanta journal-constitution

five things we learned over the weekend:

1. this is mark richt s best coaching job ever: when this season started, i thought georgia was an eight-win team at best. the bulldogs were going to have a very young, but talented, offensive line. there were tons of holes on the defense. i had my doubts about the wide receivers. and after the 35-14 loss at tennessee on oct. 6, georgia looked like a team that would kind of stumble to the finish. instead, georgia is sprinting to a bcs game with world-class speed and, if it wins, will be highest ranked sec team come january. great coaches grow and adapt and are willing to shake things up. this season mark richt became a great coach.

2. there is a reason non-conference winners can play for the bcs championship: like a lot of people, i wanted the bcs to make a rule that only conference champions could play for the bcs title. what you see in georgia (10-2), now no. 4, is why the bcs decided not to invoke that rule. georgia lost both of its conference games by the first week in october and then turned into a really good team in the second half of the season. how would georgia fans feel if their dawgs finished no. 2 and couldn t play in the big game because of that rule?

3. you have to give fulmer his props: there were a lot of tennessee fans who didn t want the volunteers to get on a roll because they wanted phillip fulmer out as head football coach. now fulmer is playing for the sec championship and has a decent chance to win against a dispirited team from lsu. fulmer, like the old offensive lineman that he is, just kept his head down and kept coaching his staff and his team. you may not like the guy s style, but you have to respect what he has done in the second half of this season.

4. the heisman is down to tebow and mcfadden: if i had a vote, which i don t any more, this would be a very close call. tim tebow s numbers are unprecedented in the history of the sec. and i don t want to hear that garbage of not voting for him because he s a sophomore. but darren mcfadden s performance in beating no. 1 lsu in baton rouge was the stuff of legends. i can t wait to see the final numbers.

5. ohio state does not want to play west virginia: that is what will happen, i believe, if oklahoma beats missouri for the big 12 championship. you saw what illinois did to ohio state with a mobile quarterback. west virginia s pat white is faster and he s got a lot of weapons around him. ohio state could get embarrassed in the bcs championship game for the second straight year.

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