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spurrier backtracks 2nd time this week.. man this guy can't keep his mouth shut and when he opens it, foot in mouth disease..


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columbia, s.c. (ap) -- south carolina coach steve spurrier backtracked for the second time this week, telling his players wednesday he made a mistake when he told reporters that his team's "attitude stinks" during his weekly press conference on tuesday.

"i said something in the press conference tuesday that i didn't say correctly," spurrier said. "i meant to say that our effort level is what stinks."

"i said our attitude stinks, but the attitude of our guys is pretty good ... i said it wrong and i told our team that i was mistaken," spurrier clarified after practice wednesday.

spurrier's latest revision on his comments came a day after he said he overestimated what the gamecocks could do when he said before the season started that they could compete for a southeastern conference title.

in the same news conference tuesday, spurrier was asked by a reporter if it were difficult to "change the culture" at south carolina, a phrase used regularly by spurrier's gamecock predecessor, lou holtz.

spurrier began by saying that to him, it's about changing attitudes.

"our attitude stinks right now," he said tuesday. "our attitude is pretty sorry right now. i've mentioned that. as a team, we don't perform at a real high intense level."

south carolina defensive back chris hampton on tuesday disagreed with spurrier's assessment. "i don't think the attitude is all that bad, really," he said. "i think we know some of our goals are gone, but we're still fortunate to be playing and playing as long as we can."

gamecock quarterback blake mitchell didn't think spurrier's comments on the team's attitude had any effect.

"like he said, he misspoke and he apologized," mitchell said. "but i don't know if any of the guys knew that he had said it. i don't know how many of them actually read what people write."

the gamecocks (6-5) will try to break a four-game losing streak when they take on rival no. 21 clemson (8-2) on saturday.

south carolina was ranked sixth in the country after winning six of its first seven games. however, the gamecocks have lost to vanderbilt (17-6), tennessee (27-24 ot), arkansas (48-36) and florida (51-31) to tie the longest losing streak spurrier's ever had in college.

spurrier said south carolina's players showed good effort at wednesday's practice. "guys were flying around, had good spirits," he said. "i like the way they were enjoying practice and having a good attitude."

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