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guess we arent the only ones dreaming


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so it can't happen, huh? let me show you how two-loss georgia finds a way to the national title game:

" kentucky beats tennessee, which allows georgia -- after the bulldogs beat nonconference rival georgia tech -- to advance to the sec championship game.

" missouri beats kansas, and oklahoma beats missouri in the big 12 championship game.

" west virginia loses to connecticut or pitt.

" arizona state loses to usc or arizona.

" and, finally, georgia beats lsu.

your national title game: georgia vs. ohio state. don't think it can't happen.

"all you can do is keep playing," says georgia coach mark richt. "who knows at this point?"

we've got every scenario covered. follow along. it's not as confusing as it sounds. these are the six teams with the best chance to play for the national championship.

no. 1 lsu

remaining games: vs. arkansas; sec championship

best chance to lose: sec championship

road to new orleans:win out and the tigers get to play a glorified home game -- an hour from baton rouge -- for the national title.

cause for pause: lsu hasn't played well away from home, and the league championship game will be in a wild atmosphere -- the georgia dome -- against a team with zero to lose. not a good combo.

no. 2 kansas

remaining games: vs. missouri (in kansas city); possible big 12 championship

best chance to lose: missouri

road to new orleans:win out and the jayhawks not only will reach the national title game but likely will be the nation's no. 1-ranked team.

cause for pause: it's week 12 and kansas is about to play its second ranked team. are you kidding me?

no. 3 west virginia

remaining games: vs. connecticut; vs. pitt

best chance to lose: connecticut

road to new orleans:win out and hope oklahoma beats the missouri-kansas winner.

cause for pause: no team has an easier remaining schedule, but will the weak big east hurt the mountaineers with human voters?

no. 4 missouri

remaining games: vs. kansas (in kansas city); possible big 12 championship

best chance to lose: kansas

road to new orleans: how crazy has this season become? if missouri -- missouri! -- wins out, it will play for the national title.

cause for pause: at some point (read: now), this team has to play defense. there's only so much tough-guy quarterback chase daniel can do.

no. 5 ohio state

remaining games: none

best chance to lose: none

road to new orleans: oklahoma beats the missouri-kansas winner and west virginia loses; or lsu loses and oklahoma beats the missouri-kansas winner; or lsu and west virginia lose.

cause for pause: the watered-down big ten doesn't help with human opinions and computer polls, nor does the late loss to illinois.

no. 6 arizona state

remaining games: vs. usc; vs. arizona

best chance to lose: usc

road to new orleans: win out and hope lsu loses, oklahoma beats the missouri-kansas winner and the sun devils get some favorable bcs math.

cause for pause: asu needs a whole lot of help just to beat usc -- much less have everything else pan out.

matt hayes is a staff writer for sporting news. you can e-mail him at mhayes@sportingnews.com.

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