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they whipped them.. uga whips auburn..


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they whipped them

by chip towers | saturday, november 10, 2007, 02:03 pm

the atlanta journal-constitution

well there you have it. the black-clad bulldogs just beat auburn. check that, they whipped the tigers butts. not the whole game, mind you, but when it mattered most. i definitely thought georgia could win this game but i never dreamed of a final score such as 45-20.

was it the blackout that did it? doubtful. as we had into the homestretch of teh season, the dogs are doing it with offense. saturday represented their third consecutive game in which they scored 40 or more points. to put that into perspective, that hasn t happened since 1942.

oh, yeah, and it s the first time since 1982 georgia has beaten florida and auburn in the same season.

and, it should be pointed out, this came against an auburn team that s defense came into the game ranked no. 5 in the nation in scoring defense (14.5 ppg). knowshon moreno went over 100 yards again 22 for 101 at last count. that makes him the first georgia back since verron haynes in 2001 to go over the century mark in four straight games.

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