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tuberville will listen if texas a&m calls..


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tuberville will listen if texas a&m calls

by tony barnhart | wednesday, november 7, 2007, 08:41 am

the atlanta journal-constitution

just one man s opinion:

1. tommy tuberville will listen to texas a&m: it s pretty certain that the aggies are going to make a coaching change and the discussion of the salary will probably start north of $3 million. tuberville will not discuss this publicly or swear his eternal allegiance to auburn because, quite frankly, he doesn t have to.

why? two words: bobby petrino.

since that failed coup attempt in 2003 tuberville is 25-5 in the sec and 9-2 against the top ten. of course he will listen. he will also listen to lsu (if les miles goes to michigan) and to arkansas, if they make a change. and at the end of the day he may stay exactly where he is with a raise, of course.

2. knowshon needs his touches: it s a good thing for georgia that thomas brown is ready to go again. but knowshon moreno needs to get at least 20 carries on saturday against auburn. the great backs wear down a defense and that doesn t happen until he gets over 15 carries. auburn has a great defense. the only way to beat that defense is for it to get tired. knowshon needs to get the rock to do that.

3. tennessee cannot stop arkansas: arkansas ran for 541 yards against south carolina. louisiana-lafayette ran for 234 yards against tennessee. so what do you suppose arkansas is going to run for against tennessee, the no. 9 rushing defense in the sec? the answer is a lot. tennessee will have to outscore the hogs and force some turnovers to have a chance.

4. florida state has turned a corner: earlier this year florida state was a bad, bad, football team, particularly on offense. but last saturday s night s 27-17 win at boston college was one of the most complete games the seminoles have played in a couple of years. qb drew weatherford deserves a lot of credit. in his last two games weatherford has completed 64 of 92 passes (69.5 percent) for 693 yards and zero interceptions.

5. bama had better be careful in starkville: mississippi state caught kentucky coming off a tough loss to florida a couple of weeks ago and beat the wildcats in lexington. alabama has to sag a little bit after losing to lsu, a game it could have won. but if the tide mopes too much, sylvester croom s bulldogs could pull off another upset.

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