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auburn's groves provides bulletin board material..


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georgia coach mark richt said he always stresses that his players not give the opposing team "bulletin board" material for upcoming games.but when it comes to getting some, richt said the more the merrier.

"yeah, we're always looking for something," richt said. "we're always looking for something good to get guys excited, mad, or whatever."

richt joked that he's even seen assistant coaches go as far as to make something up right before the team runs on the field.

"you can embellish things sometimes, like quote where you can read the quote and put emphasis on a certain word, or say read between the lines, this what he's saying," richt said. "but again, that stuff works for a little while. then you have to play."

however, richt may have received just the bulletin board material he was looking for thanks to auburn linebacker quentin grove.

grove told a local media outlet that he couldn't wait to rip out part of the hedges should the tigers win saturday's game.

"did he say that? golly," richt said. "i've got to read the paper. i thought i read the paper this morning.

"usually, coach joe t (joe tereshinski), or fab (jon fabris) gives me the good stuff. i don't have to go find out. or fans, they might shoot something on the e-mail," richt said. "if i just sit there it's coming to me. it's like use this, use this, but i've actually read a little bit more than i usually do."

mums the word on black jerseys

richt made appeared to grow weary of the "black jerseys" when asked about it yet again during thursday's press briefing.

"i'll just refer you to any answer that i've given on this," richt said. "i'm tired of the question, but i still like you all."

speculation has run rampant that the bulldogs will unveil black jerseys after richt said sunday that seniors wanted georgia fans to all wear black to saturday's game with auburn.

injury update

the bulldogs got some good news when richt announced that both defensive tackle kade weston (ankle) and running back thomas brown (broken clavicle) are expected to play saturday.

weston was to practice thursday, and appears to be ready to go after leaving the stadium on crutches following georgia's win over troy.

also, along with safety quintin banks (knee), richt said that redshirt sophomore donavon baldwin (hip flexor) is very doubtful, leaving kelin johnson, c.j. byrd, reshad jones and andrew williams as the lone healthy safeties.

johnson did not play last week after banging his knee against florida.

williams excited about opportunity

senior safety andrew williams has been coming to practice for five years now.

the former walk-on and special teams performer has stood in the background for georgia, patiently waiting his turn, when he too could make an impact in the bulldog secondary.

that day could well come saturday.

with banks (knee) out and backup baldwin very doubtful, williams could well find himself playing a key backup role.

"it's very exciting. i've been here for five years, but i never knew if i would ever get the chance to get in there for a real defensive when the crowd is going crazy," williams said. "it's always been a dream of mine. now that i've got that opportunity, it's very exciting."

along with strong safety byrd, either johnson or jones will start at free safety, leaving williams in position to be one of the first backups off the bench.

"i don't get as many reps on normal weeks, but i'm right there on the sidelines taking mental reps," williams said. "i'm not really treating it any different, but i feel a little different. it's just exciting knowing i could have a chance to play."

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