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great time for a break for uga.. also update on the uga celebrating at vandy..


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there will be plenty of stories out sunday night and into the coming week about georgia's narrow win at vanderbilt, the assumed 'dis' of the commodore's logo after the game, and the parity of college football. lost in this might be the loss of kregg lumpkin for the season. here is a little more of what mark richt had to say about these issues sunday night.team chaplain kevin hynes called into rivals.com's sunday morning recap show to voice his opinion about the mater. while ugasports was able to hear this show while driving down the road on my sirius satellite radio, at this time there is no available audio for me to do a direct quote of hynes, so we will paraphrase.

hynes said during the call that, after making the game winning kick, brandon coutu had raced away from the line of scrimmage and was met by the rest of the team at about midfield. at that point, the team started to celebrate. at about the same time, coaches richt and bobby johnson met in the general vicinity.

"i was on my way to see coach, and i saw our guys celebrating there on the logo, and whether they were doing that spontaneously or on purpose i could not tell. i was upset, and i started pushing them off the doggone thing telling them that i thought it was a bunch of bologna and we are not doing to do that. after that, everyone took a knee on the logo, prayed, and we left.

"after that i went into the locker room, and i said to everybody that before we talk about the game, i wanted to remind them that we do not do that here," continued richt. "that is not the georgia way, and i served notice that it was their last notice on that kind of thing and i think they all understood it."

the bigger news of the day was that senior running back kregg lumpkin could miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. lumpkin, who played as a true freshman in 2003 before missing all of 2004 with a torn acl, is in his final year with the dawgs.

asked if there was any possibility that he could petition the ncaa for a medical hardship and subsequent sixth year of eligibility, richt said: "it could have happened if the initial injury that happened in game one (broken thumb) would have kept him from playing football, but he has played since that time.

"this deep into the season, it pretty much counts out any type of appeal for that type of thing, and i do not think there is any precedent for that," richt said. "

lastly, there has been a bit of unrest in the dawgnation in the last 24 hours since the 20-17 win over vanderbilt, and it is due to the fact that some fans feel that struggling to beat the commodores is another sign of uga's gradual slip from the ranks of the sec elite.

tunnel vision focused just on happenings in athens or the sec might suggest such a thing, but, in a year of college football that has seen several top ten teams lose, and lose to teams that they were heavily favored to beat; just getting the w should be enough to keep fans happy.

asked if the parity in college football is making amateur ball more like the nfl where little matters other than wins and losses, richt said: "it is absolutely that way in the southeastern conference. that is the first thing that i learned in year one style points do not matter. when i was at florida state, style points mattered; we wanted to win and we wanted to win in style.

"that was my mindset coming into georgia, but after losing that first game to south carolina, i made a decision that perhaps i should kick a field goal when i might go for it on 4th down inside the 10. i am going to put points on the board, because those things are hard to come by.

"when you do win, regardless of the score, everybody is happy, and our georgia fans understood just how important it is just to get the win," he said. "my mindset changed on how flashy we wanted to be in the process let's secure the victory, and it does not matter if we tack on another td at the end."

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