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listening to dave fm on the way home from the dome was


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hilarious. i normally listen to espn around the league when i leave the dome, but i listened to the 5th quarter show on dave fm and the guys taking calls on that show are hifrikkinlarious. i want our coach to succeed and i want our team to succeed, but these guys are way beyond apologists for the coach and qb. our d kept us in the game into the 3rd quarter, but couldn't hold it because of our lack of offensive production. it was funny to hear them make excuses for leftwich and petrino. jacksonville knew what they were doing when they cut mr. wind up. yeah, our o line is horrible, but that delivery he has is putrid. never seen anything like it on a football field. anyway, if you want comic relief after a loss listen to davefm after the game and don't try calling them with facts after the game, they hate that.

go falcons!

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