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falcons monday morning headlines


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1. leftwich throws low, falcon fans throw up-- blank decides to pass out air sickness bags at next game.

2. moses appears at falcons game-- leads fans to promised land in third quarter.

3. offensive line offends everyone-- has more holes than a 25 year old pair of underwear.

4. petrino stays with leftwich-- ... and hitler told his troops they were winning ......

5. deangelo burned by td pass- all-pro defensive back complains breeze by receiver running past him "messed him up."

6. falcons give up 100 yards to bucs third string rb-- team wasn't told that it was warrick dunn who needed the yardage and got confused.

7. falcons adopt new theme song, "fifteen miles on the erie canal"-- low bridge, everybody duck!!!!

8. blanks tries to sneak out with fans--- falcons owner swears that he used to be one, too.

9. **** its hard coming up with 10 of these things!!!!

10. lawyer malloy to become traffic cop- falcons db waves at buc receiver and allows him through to score easy touchdown.

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