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our clean team...

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so i sit here as a falcons fan since 1979 embarrassed time and time again about our losing situation. i figured when mr. blanks bought the team from the smith family we were saved. we had just drafted mike vick our savior and within a few years we would finally have a ring. a ring because thats what every player plays for and every fan dreams of. instead of bringing in players to win that coveted ring. we bring in nice wholesome players that uplift the community. now hear me out, we didn't take to or randy moss because they were cancers on there prior teams. now look at us we are 3-7. vick ended up being the cancer. we passed on moss 10 - 0 and to 9-1. instead of ruling the nfc south we are the bottom feeders with subpar first round wr's and a washed up new orleans saint. almost as if this was the old nfc west division. where we go from here is critical. many a fan showed there support today believing that with a win we could be 1 win away from the top of the south. is that what we really want or do we want a contender. i watched 3 games today. 2 teams had winning spirit. both recievers we could have had who will be in the hall of fame regardless of charcter blew up the field, records, and fantasy charts. my birds looked like pigeons. we need to kick this community habit of nice wholesome players and get players who believe in winning. someone said to me today that players don't get drafted because of there image, they get drafed because they win. here are our first round winners '07 jamal anderson '06 jimmy williams '05 roddy white '04 deangelo hall '03 bryan scott '02 tj duckett '01 mike vick. wake up falcons fans because this type of drafting and fa decisions is not why i became a fan. joey harrington and byron leftwich are you kidding me! signing off concerned fan moving back to atlanta in 08. i may just have to become a hawks season ticket holder until someone figures out how to build a football team.

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