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who do you blame, for all this?

system-wide baby. there is so much freakin' incompetence in this organization. i have no doubt that you could drive out to flowery branch, throw a rock and hit someone who isn't doing their job..... ohmy.gifmad.gif

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since this is a football forum, i won't tell you that sharpton is a race baiter and a person who causes division in the name of a great man who had a dream of race not being a factor in peoples perception of one another.

but hey...the falcons stink and we can agree on that.

no disrespect to you "fansincetheyeariwasborn" but you can call al sharpton whatever you want

i know why the falcons suck, but this tread would be moved to a different forum... dry.gif

and if you wanna talk division. a certain forum, was created...to keep folks like me, off this very forum. now that's perception and conversation baiting

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al sharpton is one of the greatest men, to ever live.

and...one of this nations, most underated leaders biggrin.gif

i equate my fondness for mr. sharpton with a bug after it's hit the windshield. at that point it's a good bug....until then, just another pest smile.gif

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