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i will not be surprised if petrino jumps ship and goes to lsu


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yeah, add me to the list. it'd be better for him and better for the falcons.

same here. i would love for him to be gone.

we truly are an embarrassment in large part because of his coaching. i can't help but think that if petrino had started harrington we would be in this game. i've said this over and over today but it can't be said enough, petrino's decision making is absolutely horrible. yes he was put into a tough spot with that idiot micheal vick but **** it you don't sit the qb who won you two games in a row and put in someone who has shown absolutely nothing but bad throws and bad decision making in leftwich. it is truly a terrible testament when the fans are chanting for harrington and booing you relentlessly.

i'm pretty much down with this season with regard to the falcons. the only thing i'll be doing is hoping we lose the rest of the games for two reasons. 1)draft picks and 2) the hope we get rid of petrino. i'm all for giving coaches a chance but petrino has shown me nothing that gives me any hope that he can lead this team to the playoffs.

my only other concerns for the nfc south is the hope that carolina is embarrassed and defeated as bad as we are/have been. if there is one thing i can be happy about this year is we beat them at home. that is the only bright spot aside from getting good draft picks in this entire stinking and pathetic season.

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i was all for giving coaches more than a year to show what they can do, but petrino has not impressed me at all. i'd like to keep the coaches he brought with him, mike zimmer & hue jackson and go after a coach who has proven he can lead a team to victory like bill cowher or someone along those lines.

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