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the falcons problems start at coaching and work their way down

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o.k. this is what i have seen so far being an atlanta falcons fan this season. first thing is the head coach, the past few years we have dominated in the running game. you cannot tell me that the reason we are so ineffective in the running game is because we don't have vick anymore. yes, vick accounted for a lot of rushing yards, but before, defenses knew exactly what we were goon do and we still ran it down their throats. i know that there is a "new regime" in town and that petrino is a offensive coach that ia known as a genius in the passing game, but when what you know is not working you gotta look at what was successful for the team in the past. petrino needs to put his pride aside at least for this season and use what works best for the team. it is hard to do what you want to with your team when you don't have all you "own" players. he still has jim moras team not his own which is probably the only reason why i might consider giving petrino a pass for this season. overall our team is in shambles right know with no confidence what so ever, somethings gotta give

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