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falconslife new launch date


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we hate to keep doing this, but we want to keep you in the loop and informed on how everything progresses. we had a problem with the data migration, and rather than push the falconslife site live with some of the data corrupt, we're going to wait until sometime after thanksgiving.

we apologize for getting your hopes up, but sometimes technology presents hiccups to which you have to respond accordingly.

thanks for your patience, and go easy on us. i know we've cried wolf many times, but the result will be well worth the wait.


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why not say, "by the end of the year..."

i personally know how hard it can be dealing with databases and migration.

as a recommendation, never promise anything.

i've seen 3 launch dates already, and 2 have been pushed back.

i'm not griping, i'm trying to help you understand.

and it's a good thing, too. after all, as the webmaster for the atlanta falcons, i'm sure he has no experience or knowledge of computers.


just messin' with ya!


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i'd rather it take some time and be right than to be rushed out with bugs. thanks mod.

not me -- bring on the bugs!

i have been very disappointed lately that i have been able to access the boards on gameday and after important news hits. i long for the days when every third click of the mouse brought an "ins error!" message!


seriously, i'm looking forward to seeing this go live, but i second rev's comments. lets get it right and we can all enjoy it. thanks for the update, mod!

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i agree there is no rush to put something out that is buggy...

at the same time there should be no rush to make false promises.

last year we were promised this great blog from rich mckay... on af.com

i think there were 2 or 3 lame entries with no responses.

this is indicative of the way the falcons fo run things.

i've been a fan since the beginning and it's these little kinds of things that fuel the bad rep the falcons have.

but i'm just a fan... i don't own the team or get to make those decisions.

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