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starters don't lose their job due to injury.


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starters don't lose their job due to injury.

that's a pretty solid rule at every level, from pop-warner to the pros.

lefty was named the start for the rest of the year.

joey bacame the offical backup.

lefty was injured and became the injured starting qb (did not lose his starter status).

joey was promoted to temporary starter, filling in until the regular starter's return.

joey's the one that breached normal protocal here, not petrino. starters don't lose their job to injury. joey is the one trying to take unfair advantage of another player's injury.

when lefty gets back, he'll reassume the role of starter (as petrino said and as it should be.) if joey beats him out at that point, then fine. he has fairly beaten out lefty for the starting job fair and square. beating out an injured player? nobody allows that at any level. it's not fair to the injured player, and it reduces morale on the team as other playes know the coach doesn't have their back if they get injured.

in this case joey is in the wrong. you don't claim an injured players starting position.

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