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say goodbye to joey


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whether you like him or hate him is irrelevant now. he has obviously not the qb petrino wants for his system.

when you read joey's reply to the report that byron will be the starter, you can bet your last dollar that harrington is ######ed.

i don't think joey is that bad of a qb and we all have to agree that the jury is still out on leftwich.... but the truth of the matter is that whether you love or hate harrington, petrino should have taken him aside and told him privately what his decision was. it's pretty lousy for him to hear it from the press and not from the coach.

i think if this happened to one of us we would just kick petrino's ###### .... i wonder if joey could? lol

what if lefty sucks? will we need to go with redman because joey will lose interest? if you are harrington, do you have your agent get busy today?

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