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we have not been blown out this year because the defense played poorly. our own offense has hurt the defense more than opposing teams. no offensive touchdowns last game!! now that rod is back and healthy our line is in mid season form and it looks great!! now if we can stop putting them in bad situations we might be able to save this season. my favorite falcons john abraham should be in form this week to make some game changing plays. i just hope the offense is up to the challenge of the bucs defense this week. one more thing as far as the mlb, i know that is not keith's natural position, but the play he made on king way out of position saved a touchdown. i think keith is playing well enough for us to win.

each week the colts get more hurt and we are getting more healthy. i honestly think we have enough to beat them especially on a short week of preparation. anything given thanksgiving day!!!!

go falcons!!

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