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so more than likely we will end up at 6-10

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the previous 2 years we were 7-9 with the so called saving grace of the franchise. we lost 3 games this year by 7 points or less.

guys i can see the future and the future is bright, every week the offense is getting a little better.

we have a high 3rd down percentage. we dont get blown out. this is the mark of building something great. i rememebr jumping for joy when i turned on the radio and heard us signing coach p. all the fairweather fans that dont understand stability are welcome to jumo aboard the wagon next year. by the 3rd year guys we will be sb contenders.

one thing i gotta say is our ol is doing a great job with all the plug in. now that either means our starters are really jsut as good as our backups and not that great or our backups could be starting for other teams...idk

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