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down the stretch


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ok, falcons fans.

we are now at an interesting crossroads. talk of throwing the season away for a draft pick and petrino losing on purpose were in my opinion ludicrous.

we sit 3 and 6, our opponents in the division have had rocky seasons as well.

new orleans and carolina both sit 4 and 5, while tampa bay sits 5 and 4.

our defense has stepped up big the last few games, and as par for the course or offense always seems to have a great opening drive and pitter out from there.

i am holding on to a glimmer of hope. i think that with some solid offensive line and running back play we can win all of the rest of our division games. if we do we would then be looking at a 6-6 situation. two of those games are against tampa and one against new orleans.

we have 4 other games, indy, st loius, arizona, and seattle. i think st loius and arizona will be ours, makes us 8 and 6. seattle will be tough, but it is the last game of the regular season and they may be sitting players for the playoffs. we will be fighting for a spot and should win that game. indianapolis will probably beat us simplt because i dont think our offense can out score them at this particular time.

in this scenario we go 9 and 7 for the season.

in the nfc south 9-7 puts us in the playoffs, more than likely against detroit, or seattle again.

i believe we can beat both of those teams.

meaning a win over dallas or green bay will put is into the nfc championship game against the other.

i know these are alot of what ifs, but im fired up right now. i love the falcons and i think our boys are finally clicking.

good luck dirty birds, i hope to see you in january.

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i appreciate your optimism.

pulling a win out of just one of those close games - carolina1, no, tenn, jacksonville would have put us in good position.

we play tampa twice - so depending on how the tiebreakers go with no and carolina we could control our own destiny.

that is a good place for a 3-6 team to be in.

we have a better chance of winning the division than making a wild card spot.

it is possible an 8-8 team wins the nfc south this year.

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