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since some people actually responded to my last thread!

Harry Allan

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i live in australia, and the sport of rugby league over here is huge, and there are alot of parralels between these 2 sports.

one of which is when a team is in a slump such as the falcons were.

as fans we can't expect a one week turnaround, and a team to go from terrible to terrific

a turnaround takes time, you need to build momentum..

and the first key aspect of a turnaround is being able to 'win ugly'

any team playing well can destroy their opposition and appear flashy.

what it really takes heart to do is to grind out a hard win in a team effort and really start to build some steam up.

for those still doubting the falcons, saying we have only beaten 2 crappy teams anyway, and we've still played poorly and shown nothing... these are the first steps to building some confidence and a platforn from which this team can continue to rebuild and grow. we didnt need to absolutely destroy the panthers today, we needed to really grind it out, like we did, and re ignite that fire that coms from victory.

tip of the hat to the falcons who have begun to really take the first steps towards turning our season around.


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