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falcons don't need ols, qbs or rbs

Harry Allan

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so the falcons arent too crash hot this year.

people talk all they want about us having no talent, blaming individuals etc.

it's true we have some shortcomings, allbeit alot of short comings, but theres one thing the falcons

really lack.....


its amazing, when people have this self belief and confidence that comes from knowing they can achieve, they can do amazing things.

confidence is a tricky thing, it'll kick you when youre down but when youre on top, theres nothing that can bring you down.

evidence that even our o line and joey harrington can do well when they are confident

that's why we played so much better with leftwhich, he brought a sense of self belief to this team which made players stop doubting and start believing, which allowed them to play to the best of their ability

this team knows how to win,and has the ability to

all they need is somone or something to assure them and remind them just how good they can be,

because at the moment the self doubt and uncertainty is stopping the birds from soaring

just an opinion from someone who doesn't know much i guess.

but maybe its not new players we need....

maybe its a new mindset?

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