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and i was running!


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who do you think will fair more on the ground this weekend?

i say us over them. do yall think we can finally stop deshaun foster?

also, how will their numbers differ from last time due to the fact that trey is now in and doing

what the coaches ask of him, and actually letting lbs make plays on foster

*cough brooking cough* tongue.gif

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he doesn't have to beat him down alone ........................ he's got 10 other guys with him.

say what you want, i played linebacker, will

and if you have a middle linebacker who cant plug holes or make plays, it doesnt matter how many guys you have on the field

they will run at him all game, and unless you have the safety in the box the entire game, you might give up over 125 yards a game

ooops............i think we already do that.........

as a matter of fact mlb is probably the only position on the field in the box that can take most of the blame for a weak run stopping defense and take most of the credit for a great run stopping defense

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