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not sure if this has been posted...but nfl radio's moving the chains..


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pat kerwin and tim ryan were talking about the release of grady jackson...

pat said he was sick of hearing about some falcon players being upset about this move...

tim chimed in and said..."hey, its a football decision...deal with it."..

pat said...."you know..the players need to sit in front of a mirror and ask themselves...'are they part of the

problem, or part of the solution'".

great commentary by really good football guys.

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yup, especially after a win.

that is the whole problem. if we were 6-1 when we released grady there would not be nearly as much attention to it.

actually that is when i think there would be attention to it... if were doin that good it would prolly mean grady is doing a good job, and why would we want to tamper with something thats working so well when we are 6-1

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