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if d-hall ends up leaving would you want pacman jones?


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you're kidding, right? you thought that this would be insightful and provocative?

one of the options should be "nfw"

don't you think it would be better for the team to trade/draft someone who has football skills without an arrest record and who isn't divisive?

my guess is that deangelo hall will be moving on after this season, and hopefully the falcons will get something of value in return for him. although dh has moments of brilliance, he allows far too many 3rd down completions that keep drives alive, imho.

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i think our terrible fans are always trying to make a case against hall when

all he is is a determined playmaker who let's his ego get to him sometimes.

pac man jones is much worse. that said i don't really want him on this team. a

and i don't usually say stuff like that but he's the exception. i said we should go after

moss & to too. the media just effs the image of these players up. pac man is a different story.

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